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Speak In Tongues
Abandoners: Rain On Sand Cover Art
Nothing's What It Seems
Abandoners: Garden Of Envy Cover Art
Garden Of Envy
Abandoners: I'm too Late Cover Art
I'm Too Late
Abandoners: Rain On Sand Cover Art
Rain On Sand



Abandoners is a musical collaboration between Michigan based producers
Nick Hagen and Ross Morgan.

Crafted with a love for melody and atmosphere, and a taste for the soothing and dramatic sounds that can shape emotion.

Our first single 'Rain On Sand' was released on 6.12.2016

Our second single 'I'm Too Late' was released on 10.13.2016

Our third single 'Garden of Envy' was released on 3.7.2017

Our fourth single 'Nothing's What It Seems' was released on 6.17.2017

Our fifth single 'Speak In Tongues' was released on 1.28.2018

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